About WBSA

Walter Bustamante Soccer Academy is a non-profit organization that was started as a way for Coach Walter to share his love for the game with the next generations of Students and Athletes. WBSA takes professional experience from MLS and brings it to the dedicated participants of WBSA. WB Soccer Academy will provide players, teams, and clubs with top professional training to meet their needs. Our goal is to work closely with each player to create a specific and customized program to take the player, team, and club to the next level.
About The Coach

Walter Bustamante - Midfielder

Walter Bustamante is an American retired soccer midfielder who played professionally in the USISL. Coach Walter attended Long Island University where he was a 1993 First Team All-American soccer player and the 1994 Northeast Conference Player of the Year. He still currently holds the university’s career record for assists! After a successful career with the Jersey Dragons and New Jersey Stallions, Coach Walter started WBSA Soccer Academy to continue his love of the game and to train the next generation of players.  

First Team All-American
Player of the Year
Jersey Dragons
1900 +
New Jersey Stallions
LIU Hall of Fame
About The Organization

WB Soccer Academy

WB Soccer Academy is designed to be part of the surrounding community to provide the opportunity for every child to experience top-quality training and youth leadership. WBSA seeks to improve community connections, support healthy lifestyles, and develop Students / Athletes.

  • Focusing on skill development and technical and tactical training.
  • Training with competitive team play for all of its players.
  • Providing a safe, constructive, and educational environment for all players.
  • Fostering creativity, commitment, confidence, and sportsmanship in all of our players.
  • Creating depth of experience in each player.

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