7 on 7 Soccer Tournament - Registration & Information

7 on 7 Soccer Tournament

Sunday June 18, 2023 – 10am

9300 Signal View Dr. Manassas, VA 20111

$225 ($50 deposit and remaining $175 due on or before May 30).

The 7 on 7 Soccer Tournament will be held on Sunday 18 June 2023 from 10 am until the end of the tournament (same day)

• Registration includes 3 guaranteed matches and Arbitration costs. Teams must present themselves 30 minutes before the match.

• Referees will follow FIFA rules with the Exception that there will be unlimited changes

• Each match lasts 28 minutes. At the end of the match teams must leave the field within 2 minutes, so that the next match starts on time.

• In each category they play all against all. The 2 best of each category are measured in the final.
• The winning teams will receive a trophy of “Tournament Champion”.

Good luck!